A Colour By Number Book

Do you remember having a book

Or a handout in class

Where each part had a number on it

From the sky to the grass

Each number represented a colour

For that area to be

Gradually revealing the image

Setting the colours and their meanings free

One is a terrible green

The colour she painted my life

The envy for her confidence

Stabbing at me like a knife

Two is…an unclear shade of orange

The colour has started to fade

Along the with the marks they painted

The scars that they made

Three is a sweet type of yellow

The one she accidentally used on my heart

Allowing me to finally feel happiness

When we drifted apart

Four is some strange type of blue

Maybe teal

The colour she painted my tears

Which allowed me to heal

Five is a nice bright purple

Though it only shows fear

I can no longer speak to people

They will never hear

Six is a black acrylic

The kind that stains delicate tissue

In this case it’s damaged my view on people

But I guess that’s my issue

Seven is when she gave up

She didn’t have that colour in her pencil case

Leaving some of what needed colouring

An empty space

Eight is a dark shade of red

This is where I stepped in

The crimson dripping from her face

She led me to a life of sin

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