If I drowned today no would notic-

Oh I’m sorry!

How are you?

No need to worry!

I almost fle-

What, no?

I’m completely fine!

All you’ll see me show

Is colored in lines!

With queen gone

The apps in disarray

I don’t mean to vent


In the sunlight we smile

The moonlight we di-

Haven’t seen the moon in a while

Day lit faces are a lie

Had a long day

Resisted anxiety

Give me something to flay

Bet it’ll be society

This doesn’t make sense

God nothing makes sense!

Silence is tense

Screaming’s on the fence

I feel my talent deteriorating

I used to be so proud

When my lack of skill is infuriating

I’ll just yell a poem loud

I will never cry

In real life

Yet online

I’ll speak to a knife

The moons been gone for years

The sun silences my thoughts

As well as my tears

And my skin that rots.

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