What Once Was There

I stand and watch

As I fade into nothing

Staring down at my hands

As they disintegrate into dust

For they no longer have anything worth holding onto

Standing, helpless,

As I feel my tongue disappear

The words I never spoke,

And promised myself I would,

Will now forever go unspoken

Watching as my body crumbles below me

My knees buckling and body sinking

For I don’t deserve to stand on this world

So I lay on the ground

Laying, watching, waiting,

Staring up at the sky above

Wondering how far out it goes

The amount that goes unseen

Deep into the universe

Deep into me

I lay and breath in

Though it doesn’t seem to work

My head hurts and I’m tired

The air passes around me

Not allowing me to breathe it in

I guess my lungs are gone too

And there’s only so much blood the heart can produce when there’s no oxygen to make it with

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