A Dog Trained To Bite

Sophie did not like working with thieves, they were sticky fingered, conniving, backstabbing lunatics who only looked out for themselves. Upon telling people this she was often met with weird stares — after all she was a thief herself. However, she was also a thief low down in the criminal food chain and therefore had no control over who she worked with when her boss dictated that she must take someone else on this mission with her. But just because she had to didn’t mean she wouldn’t resent it.

Sophie had put in all of the hard work, scaled down the wall from the roof with nothing but a rope to keep her from falling to her untimely death, she had rolled through unforgiving lasers that had leaped to try and graze the slivers of her skin exposed to their wrath — almost singeing off her eyebrows! And yet here he was, strolling arrogantly through the brooding corridors, prize in hand as though he had done a thing! He had all but snatched it from her grasp as soon as her silent feet had hit the floor, after she had done all the dirty work and he had just watched like some incappable moron. Told her he would “keep it safe” for her. She knew what that meant, it meant he would hand it to their boss and get all of the credit for it. He had caught her on a bad day though, because it’s not like Sophie wasn’t used to this happening, it was the reason she despised working with other thieves. Normally she would let it go, would limp back to their headquarters ignoring the pain in her legs, the strain in her back from all the work she had done and let them claim it as their own. But tonight she had decided she had just about had enough. He was whistling as he swaggered along, swinging the necklace around the tip of his finger its long chain dangling lazily from his hand. She trailed slowly behind him, studying him as he walked, waiting for a sign of weakness, an opening. Despite being a sinner, God seemed to have heard her prayers and decided to answer them because the sound of heavy footsteps came from the other end of the corridor.


The other thief turned to her, eyes wide in alarm, and so she too masked the panic upon her face. She grabbed his arm, dragging him into a shadowed corner as they watched the security guard stroll by. The guard was coming closer and closer and Sophie always felt that nervous thrill of excitement at almost being caught. When you knew you were doing something bad and there was a chance you’d get away with it. It had her on edge. And just when the guard was a heartbeat away from them, when she could see every pore and wrinkle marring the man’s face she grabbed the necklace from the thiefs hand and before he had time to object she kicked him in the back of the leg and watched as his knees buckled and sent him stumbling to the ground.

“Hey!” The security guard yelled but Sophie was already running, running for the rope attached to the ceiling, running to freedom running like hell on earth.

At first the guard was too busy tackling the other thief to the ground to go after her, not realising it was she who possessed the stolen item. Upon reaching the rope she hastily put the necklace around her neck, and using two hands began climbing like hell. By the time the guard came over to her he just stared helplessly up at the mountain of a rope in defeat, a rope he was never going to climb in time for she had already reached its top. It led to a window on the roof and she clambered through letting the cold evening breeze kiss her face. Let it unfurl her hair and coddle her in praise. Untying the rope to ensure she couldn’t be followed, she allowed herself a moment to pause on the rooftop. Her boss would kill her when she returned for leaving her partner behind, letting him get caught despite him being stupid enough to turn his back on a thief.

That was if she decided to return at all….

Looking down at the jewel around her neck Sophie decided she liked the way that it looked hanging between her collarbones, the jewel bright against the flushed skin of her neck. Why should she return the necklace when she was underpaid and definetly underappreciated. She was a thief after all and it was incredibly stupid of her boss to trust a thief with something so expensively shiny and pretty. She decided her boss had brought it upon himself, after all she was only what he had perfected her to be. You don’t train a dog to bite and withdraw your hand in shock when it finally does. So Sophie looked out into the cloudless night, at the endless possibilities suddenly presenting themselves before her and decided she was going to be a very rich woman indeed

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