Free Fall

Her words repeat in my head, the same thing she said to me this morning playing on loop.

“Dont do anything irrational. Life isnt like one of your games, you wont just come back after you make a mistake as though nothing happened.”

I can picture her face, if she was here with me, stood behind me, watching me. If she could see me right now the look on her face would be a priceless painting of absolute horror.

She’s right. Life isn’t a game but I dont expect to come back from this like nothing happened.

I take a shaky breath and step forward slightly, my toes now hanging over the edge.

Im not scared.

“Falling feels like flying.” I mutter to myself as I take the last step with nowhere to place my foot. “Until the moment you land.” The voice in the back of my head concludes.

But I block it out and smile as I plummet. For I am finally flying like every child dreams of. After all, its not the fall that kills you, its never the fall.

Its the landing.

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